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Thai massage

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Discover a small piece of Thailand in the center of Bratislava.

Get rid of the fatigue, stress, tension and pain in an exclusive massage studio Sabai. Dive into the world of oriental scents and bring power and harmony back to your body thanks to magic hands of Thai therapists trained and certified in the best massage schools in Thailand.

We offer you the most sought out releasing aroma and herbal massages, classic Thai massages, massages oriented towards backbone problems, slimming massages or massages focused on each individual part of the body.

Open daily from 10 AM – 10 PM


If you look for a relaxation, Aroma massage is the best choice for you. A very popular aromatherapeutic procedure connects action of tropic scents with calming massage. It contains components of traditional Thai massage, acupressure and Indian ayurveda.

30 min. 60 min. 90 min.
42,50 € 49,50 €


The top experience is an encouraging hot oil and herbal massage. A packet of Thai herbs warmed above the steam smells agreeably, irritates senses and penetrates into airways. Warmed herbal packets affect deeply after their application on the body, they open pores, warm stiff muscles and joints, release tension in the body. Then an oil massage revitalising mind and harmonizing body feelings comes after. Choose either a mixture of tropic fragrant oils or virgin coconut oil.

30 min. 60 min. 90 min.
49,50 €


Traditional Thai reflex massage affects pressure points, muscles, tendons of fire and stretches the spine, relaxes joints, relieves tension and brings the body a liberating feeling.

30 min. 60 min. 90 min.
32,50 € 42,50 €

Back Special

Relieve your back with a special combination of massage techniques focused on nape, arms, sacral and hip area. Warmed herbal packets affect deeply and together with camphor-menthol ointments and aroma oils they release stiff muscles. Regular repetition of the procedure can bring relief from chronic backbone problems.

30 min. 45 min. 90 min.
26,50 €

Foot Nirvana

Acupressure massage of reflex points on soles – reflexology. It is one of the biggest Thai massage arts. Foot Nirvana not only induces an immediate feeling of relief and walking ease but its main contribution is general energy awakening of the organism caused by stimulating energy flows.

30 min. 45 min. 60 min.
19,50 € 26,50 € 32,50 €


Short regenerative reflex zone massage of head, ears, neck and shoulders. Good for stress and tension relief.

30 min. 60 min. 90 min.
19,50 €


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